Dioscorea polystachya 'Nara' - Tsukune-Imo form: round "dumpling" shaped tuber - 5 bulbils

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TsukuneImo is a special variety of Dioscorea polystachya / opposita with rounded 'dumpling' shaped tubers. Dioscorea polystachya tubers typically grow straight and deep into the soil, along with their brittle roots it can be a lot of work to harvest the tubers, requiring the excavation of a large hole. TsukuneImo varieties make harvest easier. Often these alternative tuber forms of Dioscorea polystachya do not produce many bulbils. This is a cultivar grown specifically for the edible tuber. Bulbils are clones, making them a great way to propagate these plants. Plant bulbils in deep loose soil for the best chance of the improved Tsukune Imo shape developing. 


5 bulbils in each 'seed' pack

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LATIN: Dioscorea polystachya aka Dioscorea opposita aka Dioscorea batatas


PLANTING: Store bulbils at room temperature until ready for planting. Plant in spring as you would a seed, in pots or directly into the ground.  Unlike a seed, they are clones, producing genetically identical plants. Provide a trellis.

EDIBILITY: In chinese medicine the tubers are a longevity tonic named Shan Yao.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review