+Our Mission

Our mission is to supply an affordable and diverse selection of useful perennial plants, with a focus on hardy, low maintenance species and genetics, to assist in the creation of self-regulating garden/farm ecosystems.

  • To promote perennial plants as a means to feed people and heal ecosystems
  • To create abundant food producing landscapes, for the health and wellbeing of the planet and people
  • To acquire and preserve useful perennial plants for the future of our region 
  • To educate on how to garden, cook, and heal with perennial plants
  • To develop and expand upon the idea of a perennial based diet

per·en·ni·al  (pə-rĕn′ē-əl)
noun.  A plant that thrives for more than two years without having to be replanted.

        Gardening and farming with perennial plants is a solution to many of the world's most pressing problems. They can create more nutritionally dense food with substantially less work than annual based agriculture. By creating food systems based on the wisdom of nature, there is less need for human maintenance and inputs. Less maintenance and inputs mean more time and money for the gardener/farmer. Healthy forests create an abundance of food, improve air quality, are home to countless critters, and thrive despite weather extremes. No one had to plant, weed, fertilize, spray, or water the forests, since they self-regulate and self-replicate. The solution to the energy and food crisis, lies in the natural order found within healthy ecosystems. All mature ecosystems have something in common. They depend on perennial plants to perform many of their functions. They work together to create biodiversity, resiliency, and abundance. Humans can return to our rightful place as harmonious participants within the natural order, by reviving our relationship with perennial plants. Together we can co-create thriving ecosystems that take care of people and the planet.
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