Nature is the greatest teacher.  The best resouce is direct experience compounded over years.

Lots of well meaning advice is not universally applicable. We can both appreciate the wisdom of others and perceive for ourselves. Most suggestions need to be adapted to each individual's climate, conditions, and context. 

Solutions can be crafted to align with our goals, and the kind of life we want to live.

Nothing is static.  We are all in development.




Building an authentic relationship with our enviroment.

Connecting with friends and mentors on the plant path.

Visiting established plantings and projects.



Tree Crops: A Permanent Agiculture  J. Russel Smith

Permaculture: A designer's Manual  Bill Mollison

Farmers of Forty Centuries: Organic Farming in China, Korea, and Japan  F.H. King

Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution  Peter Kropotkin

Edible Forest Gardens  Jacke and Toensmeier

Nature's Garden  Samuel Thayer

The Forager's Harvest  Samuel Thayer

Incredible Wild Edibles  Samuel Thayer

Perennial Vegetables  Eric Toensmeier

The Holistic Orchard  Michael Phillips

Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden  Lee Reich

Nut Growing  Robert Morris



NNGA: Northern Nut Grower's Association

NAFEX: North American Fruit Explorers





Plant breeding for Permaculture

Persimmon World

Northern Nut Growers Association

North American Scion Exchange

North American Fruit Explorers

Syntropic Agriculture Community

Nut Processors 

Chestnuts as a tree crop 

+Groups focused on a specific species or genus of interest. 

+Making good use of the 'search' function.