Japanese Mountain Yam - Dioscorea japonica - 5 bulbils

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Dioscorea japonica is a vining perennial vegetable with edible tubers and bulbils aka 'yam berries'.


Planting bulbils is a method of clonal propagation. 


5 bulbils are in each 'seed' pack.

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Product Overview

COMMON NAMES: Japanese Mountain Yam, Yamaimo

LATIN NAME: Dioscorea japonica


PLANTING: Store bulbils at room temperature until ready for planting. Plant in spring as you would a seed, in pots or directly into the ground.  Unlike a seed, they are clones, producing genetically identical plants. Provide a trellis.

HARVESTING TUBERS: Dioscorea japonica is known for being easier to harvest than the deep tap rooting varieties of Dioscorea polystachya/opposita.  This selection's tubers branch out from the main stem forming a cluster of smaller sized tubers. 

HARVESTING BULBILS: Grow up a trellis such as an arched cattle panel. Once ripe, place a tarp on the ground and shake the trellis, thereby raining bulbils for easy collection.

EDIBILITY: Bulbils can be cooked as bite-sized potatoes. They taste good, and once established can have prolific harvests. The tubers are delicious.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review