+on farm nursery

We are developing our potted plant nursery located at our farm in Southern IL.  Come out to the farm and peruse some plants.  We are strictly by apointment only.  Email us to arrange a visit:  InterwovenPermaculture@gmail.com

Current Selection (summer 2023)

Grafted Pear Trees: on Pyrus betulaefolia​ Rootstock, grafted in spring of 2023, 2-3 feet tall, 30$ each
       cultivars: Seu Ri, Clara Frijs, Plumblee, Pineapple, Chojuro, Korean Giant, Shinsui

Grafted Persimmon Trees: american, kaki, and hybrids, grafted in spring of 2023, 35$ each
        cultivars: Kassandra, JT-02 (soldout), Nikitas Gift x Thor, Tam Kam, DEC Goliath

Sold out: Grafted Apple Trees: on bud 118 rootstock, 30$ each
       Cultivars: Enterprise, William's Pride

Grafted Mulberry Trees: Grafted in spring of 2023, 2+ feet tall, 30$ each
       Cultivars: David Smith

Seedling trees: 10-20$ each depending on age.
       Flying Dragon Citrus, Toona sinensis, thornless honey locust, black locust, hybrid hazelnuts, kousa dogwood

Fruiting shrubs and vines:
Schizandra Berry seedlings (20$)

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