+On Farm Nursery

Our on farm potted nursery is located in Golconda IL.  We are strictly by apointment only.  Email us to arrange a visit:  InterwovenPermaculture@gmail.com

- Selection available spring 2024 -

Grafted Pear Trees: on Pyrus betulaefolia​ Rootstock, grafted in spring of 2023, 2-3 feet tall, 35$ each
       cultivars: Seu Ri, Clara Frijs, Plumblee, Pineapple, Chojuro, Korean Giant, Shinsui

Grafted Persimmon Trees: american, kaki, and hybrids, grafted in spring of 2023, 35$ each
        cultivars: Kassandra, Nikitas Gift x Thor, Tam Kam, DEC Goliath

Grafted Mulberry Trees: Grafted in spring of 2023, 2+ feet tall, 35$ each
       cultivars: David Smith

Grafted Che Tree: Grafted in the spring of 2023, 3 feet tall, 35$ each
       cultivars: Huang Kum #3

Seedling trees: 15-20$ each depending on age.
       Flying Dragon Citrus, Poncirus trifoliata, Toona sinensis, thornless honey locust, black locust, kousa dogwood, pawpaw

Fruiting shrubs and vines:
Schizandra Berry seedlings (20$)

- New stock available in summer 2024 -

Grafted persimmon Trees: 35$ each
       cultivars: Zima Kurma, Kassandra, JT-02, Barbara's Blush, +++

cultivars: Celeste, Hardy Chicago, Marseilles

Seedling Trees: 15$
       Sichuan Pepper (Zanthoxylum simulans)
       Japanese Raisin Tree (Hovenia dulcis)
       Oil Nut Hickory (Carya cordiformis)
       Black Locust 'Nyírség'
       Hybrid Chestnut 
       Hybrid hazelnut
       Hybrid citrus
       Poncirus citrus

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