Permaculture Nutrition

    I propose a perennial based diet.  Perennial plants can help heal the planet and our bodies.  Their longevity and deeper developed root systems allow for more complex nutrition than annual plants.  If we choose to eat animals, they too should eat a perennial based diet.  One of the missions of Interwoven is to expand upon the concept of a perennial based diet.  I will use this page to gather concepts and nutritional data of permaculture plants. 


    ​I believe we should do away with the nutritional food pyramid.  It imposes hierarchical thinking upon our diet and ecology.  It oversimplifies the diversity of foods.  The optimal diet includes a vast array of food parts and food sources.  We are not only nourished from our mouth but also our eyes, our skin, and our lungs.  Let's apply permaculture to nutrition.  Let's return our source of nourishment to the complex web of life.