Plant Library

Perennial plants serve as the backbone of the resource base of an ecological society.  They are the fruits of labor of ancient and modern horticulturalists and environmental influences, adapting over millennia.  Each plant species and cultivar can be thought of as an ecological technology that helps meet the needs of plants, animals (including humans), and ecosystems. Their preservation and exploration is paramount for the developing the set and setting for a syntropic ecotopia to spring forth.  We are working to generate a repository of plants that can meet all societal needs through ecological means. I implore every bio-region to develop locally adapted plant libraries, for future breeding and distribution.  We need to collect a diversity of material to be prepared for future weather extremes, and pest and disease pressures.  

Yield types include:
     Fruit, nuts, edible leaves, shoots, medicine, spice, firewood, timber, dye, fuel, fun, fiber, animal forage & fodder, poison, soap, resins, +

Interwoven Plant Inventory:
~This section is incomplete.  My plan is to slowly document what is already collected at Interwoven.~

American Persimmon - Diospyros virginiana
     Dollywood, Szuki, Prok, H-120, Lena, DEC Goliath, Downingtown Middle, I-115, Ruby, Early Golden, McKenzie middle, Mohler

Kaki Persimmon - Diospyros kaki
     Matsumoto Wase Fuyu, Maekawa Jiro, Guang Yang, Tam Kam, Costata, Kungsun Ban Si, korea, saijo

American x Kaki Hybrid Persimmon
      JT-02, Kassandra, Rosseyanka, Zima Kurma (NB-02), Nakita's Gift x thor