Air Potato - Dioscorea bulbifera - 'Hawaii' 2 bulbils

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If there is severe cold weather in the forecast, I will delay shipping until it warms up. They are sensitive to the extreme cold.


You will receive 2 bulbils.  They will not necessarily be their maximum size, but all material sent will be suitable for thriving plants in their first year of growth.  

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Product Overview

LATIN NAME: Dioscorea bulbifera

CULTIVAR: Hawaii - produces bulbils earlier in the growing season, an essential characteristics for folks growing outside the tropics


STORAGE: Sit bulbils out on a table. As spring approaches they will begin to sprout, indicating they are ready to be planted.

PLANTING: Set sprouting bulbil snuggly on top of the soil in a large pot or garden bed.  Provide a large trellis.

TEMPERATE CULTIVATION: This is a tropical species. In a temperate climate the roots will die over winter.  Save some bulbils to replant in spring.  They can also be grown in a large pot, and brought inside during winter, but back up bulbils should always be saved. Extend the season by starting them indoors in pots.  In my experience in zone 7a they perform best grown in a greenhouse, but will also make bulbils grown outdoors.

EDIBILITY: Most Dioscorea bulbifera selections available are the wild, toxic, inedible type. This is the cultivated type bred for edibility.  They should be well cooked and the skin removed before eaten.  

RESOURCES: 'Tropical Yams and Their Potential Dioscorea Bulbifera' for further reading on this amazing plant.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review