about interwoven

    Interwoven is a permaculture farm and learning center, bordering Lusk Creek Wilderness, in South-Eastern Illinois. Our vision is to create a space for innovation and inspiration in beyond-organic agriculture and sustainable technologies. Our farm ecosystem is home to several on-site enterprises, including a perennial plant nursery, a fruit and nut orchard, lodging, and an agroforestry consultation business. The land base is a demonstration site and teaching tool for permaculture and other earth skills. We host workshops, retreats, and farm tours. We intend to show that farmers can rehabilitate damaged landscapes, and increase soil quality, while simultaneously making a good living. We are working locally to promote permaculture and build community networks to create a more regenerative and resilient region. ​​

Our Approach:

PERENNIAL BASED AGRICULTURE: Designing edible perennial ecosystems, modeled after the local ecology, to create food systems that last for generations.

PERMACULTURE NUTRITION: Growing nutrient dense food without the use of toxic chemicals to nourish both people and planet. 

PATTERNED AGROFORESTRY: Organizing diverse species arrangements to simplify maintenance and harvest.

PLANT LIBRARY: Preservation of locally adapted plant genetics for a future ecological resource base and breeding repository.

KEYLINE DESIGN: Passively harvest rainwater, hydrate the landscape, and drought proof our farm. 

NO TILL: Build soil, increase soil health, and prevent erosion.

SILVOPASTURE: Harmonious animal impact to enrich agricultural systems.  

PONDCULTURE: Hydrating landscapes, while storing food, water, and fun.

SYNTROPY: Creating positive feedback loops of ecological abundance.