Hybrid Hazelnut - Corylus spp. - Selected From Best Plants - 10 seeds

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These are seeds selected from our 2 best performing bushes out of the 100 hybrid hazelnut plants that were purchased from New Forest Farms in 2014.

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They are currently being cold stratified.  Stratify until spring either in a fridge in the peat moss filled bag they arrive in or planted outdoors totally protected from rodents.  If cold satisfying in a fridge, monitor the bag in early spring, making sure they don't over sprout before planting.

Other hazelnuts onsite include, European Hazelnut 'jefferson' seedlings, oiko's 'precocious' seedlings, improved Americans, and wild Americans. The pollen parent is unknown. Enjoy the thrill of rolling the genetic dice.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review