Edible Canna SEED mix - edulis & hybrids ~30 seeds from multiple cultivars and their crosses

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This is a random mixture of seed from multiple edible Canna edulis cultivars, hybrids and seed from their crosses. This will give an opportunity for lots of genetic diversity and the ability to select new clones. Since the plants are being grown from seed and not tubers, I would recommend growing for 2 years before evaluating their tuber production. 

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Product Overview

SEED TREATMENT: scarification

ZONE HARDINESS: 7(possibly only 8)-12 especially if mulched during winter. If growing in colder zones, the tubers can simply be harvested in fall and stored somewhere protected from the cold, and then replanted in spring.

-I successfully overwintered them in an unheated hoophouse in zone 7a. -Who knows, perhaps some of the seedlings will prove to be exceptionally hardy.

-The main photo of one of the cultivars that seed is harvested from after one growing season in zone 7a.

-Canna edulis has a huge potential as a starch crop. It has large starch particles that can easily be extracted to make a flour.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review