Chinese Cedar - toona Sinensis - 200 seeds

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Temperate climate tree with delicious and nutritious leaves. 

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SEED TREATMENT: Soak in room temperature water for 8 hours before planting.

COMMON NAMES: Chinese Cedar, Toon, Hsiang Chun Ya, Chinese Mahogany

LATIN: Toona sinensis


EDIBILITY: The shoots and young tender leaves are eaten as a perennial vegetable. They have an onion-like flavor, which some compare to chicken noodle soup. The flavor is strong enough to think of the leaves as a spice added to flavor dishes.

NUTRITION: Toon is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables.  High in calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

MANAGEMENT: Can be coppiced or pollarded to keep greens within reach. 

OTHER USES: Ornamental. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review