Trifoliate Orange - Poncirus trifoliata - bareroot trees

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Poncirus trifoliata is a cold hardy citrus. It's particularly useful as a rootstock, unlike flying dragon citrus, it is not dwarfing and is not contorted. The seeds were harvested from a tree growing wild next to a majestic spring.  
one-year-old bareroot starts 9-12 inches tall

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Product Overview

LATIN NAME: Poncirus trifoliata

COMMON NAMES: Trifoliate Orange, Bitter orange


BASICS: An unusually cold hardy citrus

EDIBILITY: The fruit cannot be eaten fresh. The fruit is very seedy. They can be squeezed for juice, used as citrus zest, or to make marmalade.

MEDICINAL: The peels are used in Chinese Herbalism where it is known as Zhi Shi. According to TCM it regulates the flow of Qi in the Middle Burner and reduces Food Stagnation.

OTHER USES: It can be planted as a hedge to create a living barbed fence.

MANAGEMENT: No major pest and disease issues.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review