Russian Bocking comfrey - 25 root cuttings

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This includes a combination of root cuttings from bocking #4 and bocking #14 plants.  It is harvested from a planting block that has both cultivars mixed together.

All Cuttings will be at least 2 inches long. Some will be much thicker than others. If I include a thin cutting I will make sure that it is substantially longer than 2 inches.

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Product Overview

Comfrey is an easy-to-grow and prolific plant. Once established, its vegetative growth can be chopped down and used as a nutrient-dense mulch ~3x a year. It is famously planted near trees in permaculture systems, as its deep roots mine minerals from the depths of the soil, bringing them up into their leaves, and depositing them on top of the soil for the ecosystem’s benefit. The leaves are also brewed to make compost tea, can be used as animal feed, and have medicinal properties. I plant them around my tree crops to suppress weeds, and to have a convenient chop-and-drop plant for mulching. Simply plant a root cutting a few inches in the soil to establish this perennial powerhouse. I like the idea of for every acre of garden, having an acre of comfrey. This will create a perpetual mulch and fertility source. About 2-3 times a year cut all the comfrey plants down with scythe and use the nutrient-rich leaves to mulch the garden. 

PATTERNED AGROFORESTRY: Planted as the herbacious layer within tree rows. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review